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Suspected Child Abuse

Michigan law requires that certain persons report any case of suspected child abuse or child neglect to Children’s Protective Services in the Michigan Department of Human Services (DHS).  A comprehensive list of all individuals classified as “mandated reporters” under state law is included in the University Reporting Protocols: Child Abuse, Sexual Assault, and Child Pornography.  The reporting protocols and related FAQ can be found at

 University employees who are mandated reporters should call 855-444-3911 any time day or night to report suspected child abuse or child neglect.  A report should also be made to the MSU Police Department if the abuse or neglect occurred on campus or involves a member of the University community. 

 Employees and volunteers who are not mandated reporters should report suspected child abuse or neglect directly to the MSU Police Department.  Employees who do not know whether they are a mandated reporter should call the MSU Police Department.

Information about reporting abuse and neglect can be found under the Abuse & Neglect section of the Department of Human Services website at